Totally 80’s Bash!

So, long time no blog. I missed you! I’ve even aged since the last time I blogged! Today is my birthday. Born 1980, so what better way to celebrate being a child of the 80’s than having an 80’s themed party! I invited my friends to get physical and go to ZUMBA in the club with me. Dressed in awesome 80’s gear of course! So here’s a little how-to on getting your Olivia Newton John on! Yes that’s my face on Jane Fonda’s body! Some day Jane, some day…I’ll be as fit as you! I also want to give a shout out to the best Zumba instructor ever! Her name is Awbria Simmons and her classes are a blast! Here’s her site if you want to shake it. Trust me you’ll love it!parties, 80's, sweet nothings design, art, invites, stationery, stationary, shari fors crafts

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