Camp Sophie

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Calling all campers! I know many of you will be camping this fourth of July weekend so to get you in the mood for some camping fun I thought I’d share Sophie’s recent birthday party. We invited all her little friends to a camp out in our backyard. Unfortunately it rained all day and we couldn’t camp out in the back or do a camp fire : ( So Daddy set up the tent in the basement for the girls to sleep in. I think the girls had just as much fun sleeping indoors. We ate camp food and campfire cupcakes. We gave them all their own flash lights and glow bracelets. They went to bed late and woke up at 6 am! Ahhhhhh! Needless to say we all took naps later that day. Overall the party was super fun and we sent the girls home with a goody bag full of treats and s’mores. Happy trails Campers!

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