Invitation party planning winter birthday party glitter blue sweet nothings design shari forsFor my 5th project I was asked to plan a party for a friend’s little girl’s birthday. She’s having an ice skating party so I went in 2 different directions a glittery glam skate party and a vintage winter skate party. Starting with the glittery glam skate party.

A. Sparkly party hats

B. Pom pom snow balls as decor

C. Tutus that each girl will make to skate in and take home

D. Rock candy for the kids that decorate the table

E. Cupcakes in glitter linings

F. Snowflake table runner

G. Finally a glittery invite designed by me to go with the party.

vintage skate party invitation sweet nothings design shari fors For the second option I created a vintage ice skating party mood board…

A. Cotton Snowball garland hanging everywhere

B. snow pine cones as part of the decor on the tables

C. DIY snow globes that all the kids will make and take home

D. Melting snowman cookies

E. A craft paper vintage invite by yours truly

F. And finally cake pop snowballs.

I can’t wait to create the final party. Stay tuned to see which party they went with!

12 thoughts on “ALL SKATE!

    • I’m sorry Priscilla, I believe these were handmade. If you’re feeling crafty you could totally pull these off. Archivers has fabulous glitter paper and just pick up some rhinestones and sequence at your local craft store. Sorry I don’t have a link for you to buy them : (

  1. I LOVE the tutu! Do you have a tutorial or directions on how to make them? I have 2 granddaughters who would love to have these tutus. They both want to have Frozen themed birthday parties.

    • Donna, My apologies. I’m not active on this blog very much anymore. However if you google DIY tutu instructions you’ll find some very easy tutorials on creating these. Best of luck!

    • My apologies, I’m not active on this blog very much anymore. Hope you found glitter cupcake wrappers. If not I suggest getting glitter card stock and using a cupcake wrap template to make your own.

  2. Did you find the snowflake table runner for purchase? I would love to get the runner for my daughters first birthday party. Theme: Winter ONEderland

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