Anniversary photography shoe love sweet nothings design

Today, 5 years ago I walked onto a beach and into the arms of the man I love. I love so many things about him and I know I don’t express them to him often enough. Today I looked back on 12 years that we’ve been together and I thought about how lucky I am. I’m so lucky because I get to know the precious fabulous details about this person that no one else will ever know about him. I’d love to share some of these details because these are the little pieces of him that make me love him so. And if you heard these details and stories you would understand why I love him so. But these are the details that make him mine and special to me and so I can not share them with you. However I will share this one little detail about him with you (that is not so secret to most of you that know him)…he loves shoes! His collection would put Carrie Bradshaw’s to shame. For this weeks project I wanted to capture us as a couple but also reflect our own personality. So in honor of my hubby’s love for shoes I thought a shoe portrait would be perfect. I picked a pair that reflects me and my style and he did the same. Another reason for this project was to replace the singular picture that’s been hanging above our bed solo for too long. It’s a great painting done by my husband but I wanted something that reflected the both of us and our relationship. We love how it turned out!

And I love you Ryan Fors, Happy Anniversary!

Thanks Again

Thank you cards chevron pink & brown sweet nothings designThis weeks project is a two-parter! The first section is featuring these thank you cards I made for Jaelyn (who else right?) Can you tell I’m obsessed with her yet? But really my sister did request them. So I was happy to oblige and take a stab at a letter pressing machine that IĀ  borrowed from a friend. You can see that process in the bottom pics. Overall it was kind of tricky to get the right amount of ink on them and get them pressed at a good enough depth. I thought I’d totally want one of these machines but I may have changed my mind. It’s too much work or maybe I just didn’t do it right. Don’t get me wrong they turned out cute but I don’t think I could drop $150 on one of these machines. Anyways, I made another homemade chevron stamp to put on the brown paper. Chevron another great love. I love this pattern all most as much as I love pink! This paper was left over from a previous project and you know the hoarder in me just had to keep it. Then I printed wallet size pictures of my little niecey-poo and inserted them with photo corners. Which brings me to the next part of this project…See below

Photography Thank yous sweet nothings designA couple of weeks ago I did a little photo session with my new baby. Ok she’s not mine but I plan to steal her one day. Then return her the instant she starts crying. My lovely parents (Holla Mel & Terry) bought us this fab new camera for us for Christmas and it was the perfect tool for this project. I admit it has tons of bells and whistles that I have no clue on how use ā€“ yet. Practice peeps, practice. I think the pictures turned out adorable. It could also be the subject that’s so adorable and makes me love them so.

Hugs ā€” Shari

An Old School Thank You

Vintage Thank You Cards Handmade Typewriter sweet nothings designvintage thank you handmade typewriter

Most of the stationery that I design has me sitting in front of a computer so for a change of pace I wanted to create something completely by hand. Also I wanted a good excuse to put my new vintage typewriter to use! I made these for my sister who wanted an original gift for a friend who is having a baby.

I always have fabulous scraps of paper left over from other projects which I hoard because I can’t stand to throw them out. So this put some of those little gems to good use and I also wanted to take a stab at some more handmade stamps. The end result is unique and sweet. If I didn’t end up making less than minimum wage on these suckas I would do more completely handmade items, but a girl needs to sleep.

You should try some of your own! Really, cut out pics, phrases and make your own cards. The cool thing about these types of cards are the little imperfections that make them perfect!

Kisses ā€“ Shari