Thanks Again

Thank you cards chevron pink & brown sweet nothings designThis weeks project is a two-parter! The first section is featuring these thank you cards I made for Jaelyn (who else right?) Can you tell I’m obsessed with her yet? But really my sister did request them. So I was happy to oblige and take a stab at a letter pressing machine that I  borrowed from a friend. You can see that process in the bottom pics. Overall it was kind of tricky to get the right amount of ink on them and get them pressed at a good enough depth. I thought I’d totally want one of these machines but I may have changed my mind. It’s too much work or maybe I just didn’t do it right. Don’t get me wrong they turned out cute but I don’t think I could drop $150 on one of these machines. Anyways, I made another homemade chevron stamp to put on the brown paper. Chevron another great love. I love this pattern all most as much as I love pink! This paper was left over from a previous project and you know the hoarder in me just had to keep it. Then I printed wallet size pictures of my little niecey-poo and inserted them with photo corners. Which brings me to the next part of this project…See below

Photography Thank yous sweet nothings designA couple of weeks ago I did a little photo session with my new baby. Ok she’s not mine but I plan to steal her one day. Then return her the instant she starts crying. My lovely parents (Holla Mel & Terry) bought us this fab new camera for us for Christmas and it was the perfect tool for this project. I admit it has tons of bells and whistles that I have no clue on how use – yet. Practice peeps, practice. I think the pictures turned out adorable. It could also be the subject that’s so adorable and makes me love them so.

Hugs — Shari

6 thoughts on “Thanks Again

  1. I just used small sheets of fun foam that you get at the craft store (kids isle) They’re easy to cut and cheap! Then I just glued them on to a piece of foam core.They’re not precise like a rubber stamps but they do the trick if you want something custom that’s in expensive.

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