Potato, Patato

Valentines potato stamps sweet nothings design shari fors A little handmade love note on Valentine’s day! I broke out the potato stampin’ skills from grade school and made these valentines to send out for the upcoming heart day! I like the way the paint feels on the cards and how it looks distressed. However part of me wishes I had crisper lines but I think it was the paint I used. Something to consider the next time I potato stamp! I used paper doilies from the dollar store (Holla @ the dolla store!) for the envelopes. A sweet little touch that makes this card a little more adorable! Smooches and Happy Valentines day!


Happy New Ideas!

Project 52 sweet nothings design DIY craftsSo I’m back betches! And mama has some big plans for the new year! Of course I have all of the same resolutions as everyone else…lose weight, get healthy, wake up earlier, be kinder, volunteer, clean more, get out of debt and save money. However, I’ve decided not to declare any of those things. Instead I’ve decided to focus my energy on something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. This year my goal is to complete 1 project per week. Hence the brilliant title Project 52! Ok it’s not brilliant but whatevs. What makes me declare such an ambitious thing? I’m so glad you asked! I have so many ideas that I don’t take the time to actually sit down and complete. Then the ideas are just left swimming around in my head, being sad and uncreated. They want to be created and I’m just the girl to do it. Also I’m tired of saying to myself I can make that! So this year I’m putting my money where my mouth is and doing it!

PS. Do you think I can count this post as project #1? HA! Fine, project #1 coming soon!


A request was sent out by our schools to find an alternative for candy for valentines day. Whaaaa whaaaa. Well that doesn’t stop us from doing something so sweet that it’ll give those kids cavities anyway! We made these cute heart shaped crayons! I got the idea from my good friend Martha. She’s brilliant with the exception of her unfortunate incarceration. She’s not perfect but her crafts are!!!! Anyway. We got to peeling and peeling was not an easy task. As you can see by our little sweat shop we’ve got going on here. We had races to see who could peel the most. I won. What can I say? I’ve got good nails. They took a little longer than I hoped but in the end they turned out great. I’m  a little jealous of those lucky duckies that get these in their box at school. I want a melty heart shaped crayon this valentines day. Pink please!

PS. Helpful tips for this project…

1. Place the molds on a cookie sheet for easy removal from the oven.

2. Slice the wrappers down the crayon for easier peeling. Sorry family, we learned this a little too late.

3. The “molds” molds are actually rubber muffin pans. I got mine at Target $2.50. I suggest purchasing more than 1 mold.

4. Cool in the freezer for about 10 – 15 minutes.

melted crayons, valentines, sweet nothings shari fors crafts stationery stationary weddings

Recycled Notebooks

notebooks stationery stationary cards shari fors art design sweet nothings

These recycled notebooks are great for anyone, anytime. They’re refillable, practical and a•dor•a•ble. I tied godiva chocolate bars to the notebooks that I gave my girl’s teachers to make this gift just a little sweeter. If your interested in purchasing them for just $5 email me to order

More season’s greetings

holiday cards shari fors stationery design rudolph deer  sweet nothings

Here are some cute holiday cards I designed. My sister snatched up some of the cute reindeer postcards to send to all her hair clients. Hope they enjoy them Shannon! It’s never too late to get some cute cards in the mail. If you like what you see email me to order Which reminds me…better get going on my own! Hmmmm I’m thinking cute photoshoot in the snow with my darling girls. I’ll keep you posted on those!

Give a good impression

wine lables shari fors gifts cards design stationery sweet nothingswine lables shari fors gifts cards design stationery

The cure for the common wine bag.  Put a twist on your wine gift with these a•dor•a•ble labels that double as cards.  I’m so excited that people have had such positive feed back on these. They’ve been selling like hot cakes!

calendar shari fors design stationery

Personalize a calendar for anyone! All ready for you to insert 4 x 6 pictures. The cute mod patterns are the perfect backgrounds for all your favorit pics! Available in spiral bound or magnet clips.

These cute gifts are sure to leave an impression.