Six and the Sweetie

Candy theme party Invitation Sweet nothings designCandy theme party Invitation Sweet nothings designLong time no post! I’ve haven’t posted in awhile and I’m playing some serious catch up in the next week. I’m still doing a project a week but haven’t posted them! Slacker! Yes I know but the good thing is that you’ll soon see all the goodies I’ve been working on!

So…my baby turned 6 at the end of May. We threw her a modest little party at home.  I just couldn’t wait until one of my girls turned sweet 16 for a candy themed party so instead I did a sweet to be 6 theme! I wrapped the invites with candy buttons and sent them on their way. It was the perfect little party invite for my sweetest girl! She’s so cute, she even got gangsta on it when she stuffed her face with cupcakes! PEACE!


Navy yellow Gingham Summer Invite

navy yellow baby shower BBQ invitation summer Burger cupcakes

My nephew just recently had a baby boy! I know what you’re thinking. Shari, you are far too young to be a great auntie! To that I would say you’re too kind and totally right! So my sister (grandma) is throwing them a co-ed Barbeque baby shower. So I made these invitations for the event. I named the event A Babe-B-Q! Get it?! Ehhhhh?  Clever right? I have my moments. To complete my vision I threw together a quick mood board for the party! And the list goes a little something like this…

1. Invites – done by Moi email me to order $30 for 15!

2. Tin can center pieces

3. Gingham party decor

4. Burger cupcakes!

Happy Babe-B-Qing! I know the party will be fabulous and adorable!


Invitation party planning winter birthday party glitter blue sweet nothings design shari forsFor my 5th project I was asked to plan a party for a friend’s little girl’s birthday. She’s having an ice skating party so I went in 2 different directions a glittery glam skate party and a vintage winter skate party. Starting with the glittery glam skate party.

A. Sparkly party hats

B. Pom pom snow balls as decor

C. Tutus that each girl will make to skate in and take home

D. Rock candy for the kids that decorate the table

E. Cupcakes in glitter linings

F. Snowflake table runner

G. Finally a glittery invite designed by me to go with the party.

vintage skate party invitation sweet nothings design shari fors For the second option I created a vintage ice skating party mood board…

A. Cotton Snowball garland hanging everywhere

B. snow pine cones as part of the decor on the tables

C. DIY snow globes that all the kids will make and take home

D. Melting snowman cookies

E. A craft paper vintage invite by yours truly

F. And finally cake pop snowballs.

I can’t wait to create the final party. Stay tuned to see which party they went with!

Happy New Ideas!

Project 52 sweet nothings design DIY craftsSo I’m back betches! And mama has some big plans for the new year! Of course I have all of the same resolutions as everyone else…lose weight, get healthy, wake up earlier, be kinder, volunteer, clean more, get out of debt and save money. However, I’ve decided not to declare any of those things. Instead I’ve decided to focus my energy on something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. This year my goal is to complete 1 project per week. Hence the brilliant title Project 52! Ok it’s not brilliant but whatevs. What makes me declare such an ambitious thing? I’m so glad you asked! I have so many ideas that I don’t take the time to actually sit down and complete. Then the ideas are just left swimming around in my head, being sad and uncreated. They want to be created and I’m just the girl to do it. Also I’m tired of saying to myself I can make that! So this year I’m putting my money where my mouth is and doing it!

PS. Do you think I can count this post as project #1? HA! Fine, project #1 coming soon!

Camp Sophie

Camping party Invitations Sweet nothings Shari fors kids party wedding

Calling all campers! I know many of you will be camping this fourth of July weekend so to get you in the mood for some camping fun I thought I’d share Sophie’s recent birthday party. We invited all her little friends to a camp out in our backyard. Unfortunately it rained all day and we couldn’t camp out in the back or do a camp fire : ( So Daddy set up the tent in the basement for the girls to sleep in. I think the girls had just as much fun sleeping indoors. We ate camp food and campfire cupcakes. We gave them all their own flash lights and glow bracelets. They went to bed late and woke up at 6 am! Ahhhhhh! Needless to say we all took naps later that day. Overall the party was super fun and we sent the girls home with a goody bag full of treats and s’mores. Happy trails Campers!


angry birds sweet nothings design shari fors invitations party art

We love angry birds at our house. If you don’t know about Angry Birds you should seriously check them out! We had Gabby’s birthday party at Pump it Up and they provide the invites and paper products so there wasn’t much left for me to do creatively. Then I came across these awesome cupcakes at the crafting chicks, When I showed Gabby and she loved them! Her favorite angry bird is the black bomb bird! So I made that one specially for her! They turned out great and her party was a huge success. As much as I love throwing the kids parties and making them adorably coordinated sometimes having it somewhere is so worth the stress saver. Also enjoy this awesome real life Angry Birds Game

Gray & Yellow! Gray & Yellow!

shari fors sweet nothings design invitations invites parties baby shower gray yellow themes stationery stationarySpring is here! So in honor of Wiz Khalifa and all the spring babies, I’ve created this cute Gray + Yellow Baby shower mood board. This shower is so cute I might just get preggers just to have it for myself! I kid, I kid. 3 children are plenty for us, right honey? So the line up for getting said adorable party goes a little something like this…

1. Invite – Designed by me! email me to order

2. Make Yummy lemon cupcakes with Yellow cupcake liners

3. Set up a cute display wall with the happy couple’s own baby pics matted with cute yellow patterned paper. Image inspiration from here

4. Adorable retro drinking straws with lemon slices on water glasses! Get the straws here

5. Finally deck the ceiling with pom-poms, my friend Martha taught me and she can teach you Image from here

Totally 80’s Bash!

So, long time no blog. I missed you! I’ve even aged since the last time I blogged! Today is my birthday. Born 1980, so what better way to celebrate being a child of the 80’s than having an 80’s themed party! I invited my friends to get physical and go to ZUMBA in the club with me. Dressed in awesome 80’s gear of course! So here’s a little how-to on getting your Olivia Newton John on! Yes that’s my face on Jane Fonda’s body! Some day Jane, some day…I’ll be as fit as you! I also want to give a shout out to the best Zumba instructor ever! Her name is Awbria Simmons and her classes are a blast! Here’s her site if you want to shake it. Trust me you’ll love it!parties, 80's, sweet nothings design, art, invites, stationery, stationary, shari fors crafts

Flashback Friday

invite, bridal shower, stationery, wedding, party, sweet nothings, shari fors

Last fall my lovely sister got married and here are a few snaps of her shower. I made a bulletin board with pics of the happy couple which she loved so much she used them at her reception on the gift table. I fancied up the plastic table cloth with a paper runner made out of 12 x 12 paper printed with the coordinating patterns and colors. I also used the same paper for the banner and napkin wraps. It just goes to show how much life some cute paper can add to your party. And not to mention it’s cheap! Hope you feel inspired!

Holla at your girl! Post a comment or email me

Flashback Friday!

invite movie Party, stationery, stationary, shari fors, design, sweet nothings design,

Hello world – I’m using my Friday’s posts to feature some past projects that I love. I say this like I post everyday, which I don’t but would love to. Baby steps people. I’m working on it! And maybe someday you will check my blog on a daily basis for great ideas and cuteness. Can’t wait until we’re besties! Anyway…

This particular project was done for one of my favorite girls – my daughter Sophie. Last year for her birthday we did a movie theme birthday party for her. We saw TOY STORY 3 – in 3D.

So I designed some cute invites that looked like old school tickets coming out of a popcorn bag.

We did popcorn bags for treat bags. We filled them with all the concession stand classics. I found the popcorn bags at the dollar store, SCORE!

I also found these cute popcorn cupcakes to make. Where would you find such cute cupcakes to make you ask? Martha Stewart, duh right? I personalized the wraps with Sophie’s name.

I must say, overall the party was a great success and super a•dor•a•ble.

If you like this idea or would like me to personalize you party invites and paper accesories email me to order