Happy Father’s Day

Handmade pantone chips sweet nothings design

SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DADS! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! What do you do if you’re me and got a gift for your husband but no card? You improvise and make one! I was inspired by the girls and their handmade cards. I used more leftover pantone chips and borrowed some letter stamps from the girls. Since my hubby is also a designer I though he’d appreciate the pantone chips as much as me. I love Sophie’s little hands that make a heart when you open it. It’s super cute. She knew just what to write inside to melt her daddy’s heart. Gabby’s giant graphic letters are awesome and left me thinking why didn’t I think of that? Kudos to her teacher for having them make such a great card. Happy Father’s Day Ryan!

Tot-ally Cute

Mum tote recycle sweet nothings design

At work we’re often sent samples from vendors showing how logos look on certain totes and bags. So this tote was just one those samples in the free pile. I thought it would be such a cute bag without that giant logo on it. I’ve seen felt mums on pillows and have wanted to take a crack at recreating one. Then this sad little tote came into my life screaming to be remade. Adding the mum has made it the cutest little spring tote now and I can’t wait to use it.

Happy New Ideas!

Project 52 sweet nothings design DIY craftsSo I’m back betches! And mama has some big plans for the new year! Of course I have all of the same resolutions as everyone else…lose weight, get healthy, wake up earlier, be kinder, volunteer, clean more, get out of debt and save money. However, I’ve decided not to declare any of those things. Instead I’ve decided to focus my energy on something that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. This year my goal is to complete 1 project per week. Hence the brilliant title Project 52! Ok it’s not brilliant but whatevs. What makes me declare such an ambitious thing? I’m so glad you asked! I have so many ideas that I don’t take the time to actually sit down and complete. Then the ideas are just left swimming around in my head, being sad and uncreated. They want to be created and I’m just the girl to do it. Also I’m tired of saying to myself I can make that! So this year I’m putting my money where my mouth is and doing it!

PS. Do you think I can count this post as project #1? HA! Fine, project #1 coming soon!

Vintage Love!

little fish designs vintage jewelry amy baas sweet nothings design shari forsLast weekend I went to the Junk Bonanza with my sister. Its a gathering of the best vintage vendors around! That in itself was awesome, but then I reconnected with an old friend, Amy Baas of Little fish designs. She designs vintage upcycled jewelry. I must say it’s AAAAH•MAZING! I’ve always liked her jewelry but have never seen it in person. Seriously no words can say how beautiful it is! I love that each piece is unique and made from found vintage materials. Door plate necklace? Yes please! Old vintage keys on chains mixed with an antique broch? Don’t mind if I do! Rescued crystals from a chandelier layered with fabulous chains? Swoon! Perhaps one of the most fabulous things about her jewelry is that its so affordable that I could do some serious damage at her shop. So go and check out her etsy shop! Since her work is forever changing and unique catch her recent jewels on her Little Fish Designs facebook page.

So lets review…Super talented, Gorgeous (that’s her, the badass biker chick in the corner), mom, wife and sweetest girl!   I know, I hate her too. I kid, I kid. She’s super awesome. Without sounding weird, I’m totally proud of you Amy and wish you all the best with your biz! Hugs + Kisses – Shari

Recycled Sketch book

sweet nothings design shari fors DIY sketchbook recycle invitationsFor Sophie’s birthday I made her a personalized sketch book. She loves to sketch and write notes. Is she the child of 2 designers or what? I used an old grocery bag with handles, old unused paper from my stash and art clippings from polyvore. If you’ve never been to polyvore’s site you must check it out. I love it. Very inspirational. Anyway, I covered board stock with the tops of the bags and bound them all together. I covered the handles with tulle for a girly touch! Sophie what else can I say…I love you to the moon and back – copywrite grandma mel