Aviator Baby

Airplane Baby announcement sweet nothings design Pilot birth announcementAirplane birth announcement sweet nothings designLast week I did this birth announcement for a good friend. Her hubby is a pilot and the nursery has an airplane theme. So it seemed like a perfect fit to do an aviator baby announcement for them. Check out his cute little knitted aviator cap. Is that what it’s called? Thanks Majors! It was a fun little project : )

Want one for your little Pilot? Order here SNdesign @ etsy

Isn’t it Romantic?

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Last year I designed a wedding invitation for my cousin’s wedding. They were married at the landmark center in St. Paul and wanted an invite that reflected the venue. So I designed an invite with a romantic and vintage feel. My favorite part of this invite was the wax seal. I love that you have to break it to see the rest of the invite. Although I loved the wax seal, it was no small task to produce 180 of them. Yikes! Ouch! There are places that sell glue seals that mimic wax seals, but where’s the fun in that? Thanks Michelle & Steven for the opportunity do something different and fun!

Flashback Friday!

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Hello world – I’m using my Friday’s posts to feature some past projects that I love. I say this like I post everyday, which I don’t but would love to. Baby steps people. I’m working on it! And maybe someday you will check my blog on a daily basis for great ideas and cuteness. Can’t wait until we’re besties! Anyway…

This particular project was done for one of my favorite girls – my daughter Sophie. Last year for her birthday we did a movie theme birthday party for her. We saw TOY STORY 3 – in 3D.

So I designed some cute invites that looked like old school tickets coming out of a popcorn bag.

We did popcorn bags for treat bags. We filled them with all the concession stand classics. I found the popcorn bags at the dollar store, SCORE!

I also found these cute popcorn cupcakes to make. Where would you find such cute cupcakes to make you ask? Martha Stewart, duh right? I personalized the wraps with Sophie’s name.

I must say, overall the party was a great success and super a•dor•a•ble.

If you like this idea or would like me to personalize you party invites and paper accesories email me to order