A request was sent out by our schools to find an alternative for candy for valentines day. Whaaaa whaaaa. Well that doesn’t stop us from doing something so sweet that it’ll give those kids cavities anyway! We made these cute heart shaped crayons! I got the idea from my good friend Martha. She’s brilliant with the exception of her unfortunate incarceration. She’s not perfect but her crafts are!!!! Anyway. We got to peeling and peeling was not an easy task. As you can see by our little sweat shop we’ve got going on here. We had races to see who could peel the most. I won. What can I say? I’ve got good nails. They took a little longer than I hoped but in the end they turned out great. I’m  a little jealous of those lucky duckies that get these in their box at school. I want a melty heart shaped crayon this valentines day. Pink please!

PS. Helpful tips for this project…

1. Place the molds on a cookie sheet for easy removal from the oven.

2. Slice the wrappers down the crayon for easier peeling. Sorry family, we learned this a little too late.

3. The “molds” molds are actually rubber muffin pans. I got mine at Target $2.50. I suggest purchasing more than 1 mold.

4. Cool in the freezer for about 10 – 15 minutes.

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Flashback Friday

invite, bridal shower, stationery, wedding, party, sweet nothings, shari fors

Last fall my lovely sister got married and here are a few snaps of her shower. I made a bulletin board with pics of the happy couple which she loved so much she used them at her reception on the gift table. I fancied up the plastic table cloth with a paper runner made out of 12 x 12 paper printed with the coordinating patterns and colors. I also used the same paper for the banner and napkin wraps. It just goes to show how much life some cute paper can add to your party. And not to mention it’s cheap! Hope you feel inspired!

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