Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

DIY scarf, scarf out of old shirt, Fall ScarfDIY scarf, scarf out of old shirt, Fall ScarfThis is the easiest scarf you’ll ever make in your life! My hubby was generous enough to donate an old shirt of his for this project. All you do is use the bottom half of the shirt and cut 2 sections out of the bottom. I also trimmed the bottom of the shirt because it was curved. After that you just button the 2 halves together and wrap! I’m thinking I might just put a couple of stitches on the seams for good measure. It’s the perfect little light-weight scarf. I got several compliments on this little gem and now we’re cleaning closets to find more potential scarves. I’m searching for some heavier flannel shirts to do winter ones. Or! I could use flannel pajamas! Now I’m thinking!

Happy DIYing!

Aviator Baby

Airplane Baby announcement sweet nothings design Pilot birth announcementAirplane birth announcement sweet nothings designLast week I did this birth announcement for a good friend. Her hubby is a pilot and the nursery has an airplane theme. So it seemed like a perfect fit to do an aviator baby announcement for them. Check out his cute little knitted aviator cap. Is that what it’s called? Thanks Majors! It was a fun little project : )

Want one for your little Pilot? Order here SNdesign @ etsy


makeover gray room sweet nothings design large photosmakeover gray room sweet nothings design large photos

So it’s been forever! Don’t judge me! I know you won’t because we’re such good friends. I’ve had a horrible case of creative A.D.D all summer and it’s time to focus! But just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean I’ve given up on project 52. We’ve been hard at work painting + doing some home makeover projects. I’ll reveal the home makeover in it’s entirety in a later post. This little project shows you a sneak peak of our new paint color. Shhhhh, close your eyes and pretend like you didn’t see it! Or just act surprised when I post the makeover edition.

Anywaaaaaaaay, (see I told you A.D.D!) This is one of my favorite projects ever!!! I’ve been so tired of our large floating shelf in our dining room and wanted to replace it with a photo gallery of our girls. So I shined the girls up and grabbed the camera to get some pics of them. I don’t think I can take too much credit for how great the photos turned out considering I think a lot of it has to do with how gorgeous my girls are! You may think this is a bias statement but come on, look at them! So adorable I could squish them to pieces! Overall, I think this project is a “great success” – copywrite Borat. Every time I look at this wall now I can’t help but smile and think of how totally unlucky we are. Yes, I said unlucky – the boys are going to be crazy for these girls and I don’t know what we’re going to do. But seriously, I am thankful for such sweet and beautiful girls. Everyday they give us something to be thankful for.

Booming Baby Biz!

Birth announcements chevron polka dots floral business cardsbirth announcements vintage flowers business cardsbirth announcement gray and yellow black and yellow checker

I feel like the world is bursting with new babies! I can count 6 little darlings in my life alone that have recently arrived or are about to! I wanted to think of a new way of introducing babies instead of the standard photo card with the usual stats. What better way than to have business cards for new little boss in town. Place them in thank you cards or pass them out when you see new visitors . These will tuck perfectly into the wallets of all your family and friends. After all it’s hard work being this cute and that deserves an official business card! The top section features graphic mod patterns for all you mod mommies. The middle section features vintage floral backgrounds that give the sweetest impression. And finally the handsome little men, I gave them a modern color palette that gives them a sophisticated hello!

These are a total steal at $15/20. Each order comes with 3 different patterns and photo fronts. Visit my Etsy shop or email me to order

Charcoal + Lavender

gray and purple lavender thank you card baby safety pin

I created these Thank You cards for my sister who wanted to give them as a baby shower gift. So I dug out a Martha Stewart Paper punch that I’ve had for ages and never used! I think the safety pin adds the perfect touch to these clean and simple thank you cards. The baby girl that these were made for was born on Wednesday, so Happy Birthday Liv! Welcome to the world!

Cutest Cowgirl in the Midwest

Cowgirl photography sweet nothings design

Cowgirl photography sweet nothings design

Last week I took some pictures of my niece for a fathers day present. I selected some of my faves and wish I could post more because they turned out to be so friggin adorable I can hardly stand it! We started at this abandoned store with lots of old wood and over grown wild flowers. The lighting was perfect and then my battery died! So we finished at my house and I’m just kicking myself because the light earlier was perfect and golden! Note: If your going to take photos outside the best time is morning around 9/10-ish and evening around 6 depending on the season, obviously these magic hours change in the winter. Anyway hope that little tip helped. Happy Snapping! Now if I can get my own girls in front of the darn camera!

Happy Father’s Day

Handmade pantone chips sweet nothings design

SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DADS! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! What do you do if you’re me and got a gift for your husband but no card? You improvise and make one! I was inspired by the girls and their handmade cards. I used more leftover pantone chips and borrowed some letter stamps from the girls. Since my hubby is also a designer I though he’d appreciate the pantone chips as much as me. I love Sophie’s little hands that make a heart when you open it. It’s super cute. She knew just what to write inside to melt her daddy’s heart. Gabby’s giant graphic letters are awesome and left me thinking why didn’t I think of that? Kudos to her teacher for having them make such a great card. Happy Father’s Day Ryan!

Ohhhh-mbre Baby

Baby shower gift ombre pantone A few weeks ago I gave this baby bump art to a friend for her baby shower. I wanted to give her something unique and I also wanted to try painting some ombre art. I’m in love with Ombre! Or should I call it Ohh-Oh-mbre because I love it so much. I found this sweet little  quote on pinterest that I wanted to incorporate with the ombre. Originally I was just going to do the phrase on the ombre but it was far too busy. So I split it up into 3 different pieces. I needed a photo of her so I hijacked a photo of my friend’s lovely baby bump from the facepage taken by her husband. The last piece I got to use more fun pantone chips (see my previous pantone project). I really love how it turned out and I hope they like it. Shout out to the Dunsts’, Hope your little liv is every bit as awesome as the two of you! Kisses.

Oh PS. see below for how I transfered the words onto my art : )

Photo transfer on canvas Ombre maternity baby shower

Six and the Sweetie

Candy theme party Invitation Sweet nothings designCandy theme party Invitation Sweet nothings designLong time no post! I’ve haven’t posted in awhile and I’m playing some serious catch up in the next week. I’m still doing a project a week but haven’t posted them! Slacker! Yes I know but the good thing is that you’ll soon see all the goodies I’ve been working on!

So…my baby turned 6 at the end of May. We threw her a modest little party at home.  I just couldn’t wait until one of my girls turned sweet 16 for a candy themed party so instead I did a sweet to be 6 theme! I wrapped the invites with candy buttons and sent them on their way. It was the perfect little party invite for my sweetest girl! She’s so cute, she even got gangsta on it when she stuffed her face with cupcakes! PEACE!


Navy yellow Gingham Summer Invite

navy yellow baby shower BBQ invitation summer Burger cupcakes

My nephew just recently had a baby boy! I know what you’re thinking. Shari, you are far too young to be a great auntie! To that I would say you’re too kind and totally right! So my sister (grandma) is throwing them a co-ed Barbeque baby shower. So I made these invitations for the event. I named the event A Babe-B-Q! Get it?! Ehhhhh?  Clever right? I have my moments. To complete my vision I threw together a quick mood board for the party! And the list goes a little something like this…

1. Invites – done by Moi email me to order $30 for 15!

2. Tin can center pieces

3. Gingham party decor

4. Burger cupcakes!

Happy Babe-B-Qing! I know the party will be fabulous and adorable!