Booming Baby Biz!

Birth announcements chevron polka dots floral business cardsbirth announcements vintage flowers business cardsbirth announcement gray and yellow black and yellow checker

I feel like the world is bursting with new babies! I can count 6 little darlings in my life alone that have recently arrived or are about to! I wanted to think of a new way of introducing babies instead of the standard photo card with the usual stats. What better way than to have business cards for new little boss in town. Place them in thank you cards or pass them out when you see new visitors . These will tuck perfectly into the wallets of all your family and friends. After all it’s hard work being this cute and that deserves an official business card! The top section features graphic mod patterns for all you mod mommies. The middle section features vintage floral backgrounds that give the sweetest impression. And finally the handsome little men, I gave them a modern color palette that gives them a sophisticated hello!

These are a total steal at $15/20. Each order comes with 3 different patterns and photo fronts. Visit my Etsy shop or email me to order

Ohhhh-mbre Baby

Baby shower gift ombre pantone A few weeks ago I gave this baby bump art to a friend for her baby shower. I wanted to give her something unique and I also wanted to try painting some ombre art. I’m in love with Ombre! Or should I call it Ohh-Oh-mbre because I love it so much. I found this sweet little  quote on pinterest that I wanted to incorporate with the ombre. Originally I was just going to do the phrase on the ombre but it was far too busy. So I split it up into 3 different pieces. I needed a photo of her so I hijacked a photo of my friend’s lovely baby bump from the facepage taken by her husband. The last piece I got to use more fun pantone chips (see my previous pantone project). I really love how it turned out and I hope they like it. Shout out to the Dunsts’, Hope your little liv is every bit as awesome as the two of you! Kisses.

Oh PS. see below for how I transfered the words onto my art : )

Photo transfer on canvas Ombre maternity baby shower


Navy yellow Gingham Summer Invite

navy yellow baby shower BBQ invitation summer Burger cupcakes

My nephew just recently had a baby boy! I know what you’re thinking. Shari, you are far too young to be a great auntie! To that I would say you’re too kind and totally right! So my sister (grandma) is throwing them a co-ed Barbeque baby shower. So I made these invitations for the event. I named the event A Babe-B-Q! Get it?! Ehhhhh?  Clever right? I have my moments. To complete my vision I threw together a quick mood board for the party! And the list goes a little something like this…

1. Invites – done by Moi email me to order $30 for 15!

2. Tin can center pieces

3. Gingham party decor

4. Burger cupcakes!

Happy Babe-B-Qing! I know the party will be fabulous and adorable!

Thanks Again

Thank you cards chevron pink & brown sweet nothings designThis weeks project is a two-parter! The first section is featuring these thank you cards I made for Jaelyn (who else right?) Can you tell I’m obsessed with her yet? But really my sister did request them. So I was happy to oblige and take a stab at a letter pressing machine that I  borrowed from a friend. You can see that process in the bottom pics. Overall it was kind of tricky to get the right amount of ink on them and get them pressed at a good enough depth. I thought I’d totally want one of these machines but I may have changed my mind. It’s too much work or maybe I just didn’t do it right. Don’t get me wrong they turned out cute but I don’t think I could drop $150 on one of these machines. Anyways, I made another homemade chevron stamp to put on the brown paper. Chevron another great love. I love this pattern all most as much as I love pink! This paper was left over from a previous project and you know the hoarder in me just had to keep it. Then I printed wallet size pictures of my little niecey-poo and inserted them with photo corners. Which brings me to the next part of this project…See below

Photography Thank yous sweet nothings designA couple of weeks ago I did a little photo session with my new baby. Ok she’s not mine but I plan to steal her one day. Then return her the instant she starts crying. My lovely parents (Holla Mel & Terry) bought us this fab new camera for us for Christmas and it was the perfect tool for this project. I admit it has tons of bells and whistles that I have no clue on how use – yet. Practice peeps, practice. I think the pictures turned out adorable. It could also be the subject that’s so adorable and makes me love them so.

Hugs — Shari

Yeah Baby!

DIY Onsies Baby girl sweet nothings designOver two weeks ago my lovely sister had a baby girl. Jaelyn Marie, the sweetest baby ever! Seriously when I met her my uterus skipped a beat! I’m so jealous of my sister that she gets to snuggle this sweetie whenever she wants! For a baby like her I’d be willing to re-open shop but then my husband gently reminded me of 2am feedings and daycare. But seriously folks I’m absolutely smitten with her! I joke with my sister and tell her not to be alarmed if her baby goes missing that she’ll be at my house. Anyways… I channeled Madonna Circa – Lucky Star days and whipped up these onsies for her. I used fabric paint, a pencil eraser, shish kabob stick and sequence fabric to create these adorable necklaces. I know she’ll make Madge proud when she’s rockin’ these in the nursery. I also did some fancy bibs because this little princess deserves to spit up on a bib as cute as her!

Bow tie onsies sweet nothings designBut the madness did not stop there folks! I created these adorable little neck tie bibs and onsies for all the little dapper misters out there! I didn’t forget about you little mad men! All of these are available to purchase. Please visit my store to order.

Baby Love

Frosted glass maternity photography baby gift sweetnothings designThis weeks project is dedicated to Baby girl J. My lovely sister is having a baby girl in less than 4 weeks! AHHHH! So excited. She asked me to take some pictures of her baby bump and her little boy Jackson. I am by no means a professional photographer but I think the pictures were a total success. There were tons of cute shots making it hard to choose just 3 for these picture frames. I used a frosted glass spray to create a graphic message of sugar, spice and nice, all the things little girls are made of. I think they’ll be darling in her room and can’t wait to give them to my sister. See below for more photos of Mommy & big brother! Daddy was unavailable but I know he’ll love having these shots of this hot mama forever! Love you guys, Kisses – Sharimaternity photography baby gift sweet nothings design