makeover gray room sweet nothings design large photosmakeover gray room sweet nothings design large photos

So it’s been forever! Don’t judge me! I know you won’t because we’re such good friends. I’ve had a horrible case of creative A.D.D all summer and it’s time to focus! But just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean I’ve given up on project 52. We’ve been hard at work painting + doing some home makeover projects. I’ll reveal the home makeover in it’s entirety in a later post. This little project shows you a sneak peak of our new paint color. Shhhhh, close your eyes and pretend like you didn’t see it! Or just act surprised when I post the makeover edition.

Anywaaaaaaaay, (see I told you A.D.D!) This is one of my favorite projects ever!!! I’ve been so tired of our large floating shelf in our dining room and wanted to replace it with a photo gallery of our girls. So I shined the girls up and grabbed the camera to get some pics of them. I don’t think I can take too much credit for how great the photos turned out considering I think a lot of it has to do with how gorgeous my girls are! You may think this is a bias statement but come on, look at them! So adorable I could squish them to pieces! Overall, I think this project is a “great success” – copywrite Borat. Every time I look at this wall now I can’t help but smile and think of how totally unlucky we are. Yes, I said unlucky – the boys are going to be crazy for these girls and I don’t know what we’re going to do. But seriously, I am thankful for such sweet and beautiful girls. Everyday they give us something to be thankful for.

Cutest Cowgirl in the Midwest

Cowgirl photography sweet nothings design

Cowgirl photography sweet nothings design

Last week I took some pictures of my niece for a fathers day present. I selected some of my faves and wish I could post more because they turned out to be so friggin adorable I can hardly stand it! We started at this abandoned store with lots of old wood and over grown wild flowers. The lighting was perfect and then my battery died! So we finished at my house and I’m just kicking myself because the light earlier was perfect and golden! Note: If your going to take photos outside the best time is morning around 9/10-ish and evening around 6 depending on the season, obviously these magic hours change in the winter. Anyway hope that little tip helped. Happy Snapping! Now if I can get my own girls in front of the darn camera!


Anniversary photography shoe love sweet nothings design

Today, 5 years ago I walked onto a beach and into the arms of the man I love. I love so many things about him and I know I don’t express them to him often enough. Today I looked back on 12 years that we’ve been together and I thought about how lucky I am. I’m so lucky because I get to know the precious fabulous details about this person that no one else will ever know about him. I’d love to share some of these details because these are the little pieces of him that make me love him so. And if you heard these details and stories you would understand why I love him so. But these are the details that make him mine and special to me and so I can not share them with you. However I will share this one little detail about him with you (that is not so secret to most of you that know him)…he loves shoes! His collection would put Carrie Bradshaw’s to shame. For this weeks project I wanted to capture us as a couple but also reflect our own personality. So in honor of my hubby’s love for shoes I thought a shoe portrait would be perfect. I picked a pair that reflects me and my style and he did the same. Another reason for this project was to replace the singular picture that’s been hanging above our bed solo for too long. It’s a great painting done by my husband but I wanted something that reflected the both of us and our relationship. We love how it turned out!

And I love you Ryan Fors, Happy Anniversary!

Baby Love

Frosted glass maternity photography baby gift sweetnothings designThis weeks project is dedicated to Baby girl J. My lovely sister is having a baby girl in less than 4 weeks! AHHHH! So excited. She asked me to take some pictures of her baby bump and her little boy Jackson. I am by no means a professional photographer but I think the pictures were a total success. There were tons of cute shots making it hard to choose just 3 for these picture frames. I used a frosted glass spray to create a graphic message of sugar, spice and nice, all the things little girls are made of. I think they’ll be darling in her room and can’t wait to give them to my sister. See below for more photos of Mommy & big brother! Daddy was unavailable but I know he’ll love having these shots of this hot mama forever! Love you guys, Kisses – Sharimaternity photography baby gift sweet nothings design