Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

DIY scarf, scarf out of old shirt, Fall ScarfDIY scarf, scarf out of old shirt, Fall ScarfThis is the easiest scarf you’ll ever make in your life! My hubby was generous enough to donate an old shirt of his for this project. All you do is use the bottom half of the shirt and cut 2 sections out of the bottom. I also trimmed the bottom of the shirt because it was curved. After that you just button the 2 halves together and wrap! I’m thinking I might just put a couple of stitches on the seams for good measure. It’s the perfect little light-weight scarf. I got several compliments on this little gem and now we’re cleaning closets to find more potential scarves. I’m searching for some heavier flannel shirts to do winter ones. Or! I could use flannel pajamas! Now I’m thinking!

Happy DIYing!

Oh Mickey you’re so fine…

DIY Tshirts Disney Tshirts Mickey Mouse sweet nothings designDIY Tshirts Disney Tshirts Mickey Mouse sweet nothings design Minnie Mouse head bands

Did you miss me? I missed you. Sorry for the wait. We’ve been crazy busy in our family lately. . . So you’ll see me catching up on all my projects in the next couple of days. I had these completed by couldn’t find the time to post. The reason for this delay? My family took an amazing trip to Disney world courtesy of our lovely parents Mel & Terry Fors – shout out! The experience was beyond anything I can describe there was laughter, tears, tears of laughter and plenty of inappropriate bodily functions had by all! Inside joke, but it was an amazing trip. Before we left I decided to make some t-shirts for all the ladies going on the trip. The first one was made for my daughter Lilly – she’s 13 and too cool for anything too Disney. So I used sticker letters to spell out I heart you Mickey and sprayed bleach on this gray tank top. It’s a cool effect but very stinky so be sure to use gloves and do it in the laundry room or in my case I sprayed it in the bath tub. The next was for my little Fancy pants Gabby. I used heat bond (an amazing thing) and a black sequence fabric to create this adorable sparkly Minnie silhouette! The next was mine – I wanted mine to be graphic and urban. I used the same sticker method but rolled on fabric paint to create this shirt. For my Sophie I took influence from my hubby and created a spray painted look for her using fabric spray paint. My lovely mother in-law received a red shirt with a black sequence Mickey Silhouette creating the classic Mickey shirt. For my sister in-law Alyna I used the same heat bond and fabric technique to create a giant Minnie Bow t-shirt. Finally the cute topper to this project was making 2 Minnie headbands for the littlest ladies. To all my girls, you rocked these looks and I love you all xoxo!

Tot-ally Cute

Mum tote recycle sweet nothings design

At work we’re often sent samples from vendors showing how logos look on certain totes and bags. So this tote was just one those samples in the free pile. I thought it would be such a cute bag without that giant logo on it. I’ve seen felt mums on pillows and have wanted to take a crack at recreating one. Then this sad little tote came into my life screaming to be remade. Adding the mum has made it the cutest little spring tote now and I can’t wait to use it.

Leather and Chains

Leather chains bracelet sweet nothings design jewelry shari fors DIYLately I’m loving the mix of leather and metal jewelry that’s in right now. So naturally I said to myself I can make that!  I had most of the supplies from other failed jewelry attempts so I used those. You’d think it be super easy but it turned out to be more tedious than I thought, but I did it and I think it turned out cute. I wish I had some funny or witty stories to go along with this project but sadly I do not. So I’ll just tell you a joke…hmmmmmm…I got nothing! Until next week!